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Eitan Yanuv

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Prof. Hinanit Koltai

Head of Research

An experienced business consultant  and CFO to a variety of companies mainly in the technology arena. Wide understanding of public company’s needs, listing processes, strategy building and sales and marketing in international markets. Dedicated to achieving goals and challenges with hands-on experience in management.

Prof. Hinanit Koltai Senior Research Scientist, Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center Israel. A full Professor Research Scientist focused on plant derived substances as anti-cancer and anti - inflammatory drugs, plant hormones and plant genomics.

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Dr. Vince Quiqeuro
 Product Development

Founding partner and Director of Bio Therapeutic Molecules Inc., Managing Director Bio Therapeutic Solutions, former Chief Scientific Officer at AgMedica Bioscience Inc., former Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Accucaps Industries Ltd., former Associate Director at Eli Lilly Canada and formerly held various positions of increasing responsibility at GlaxoSmithKline. Previously a member of the Board of Directors at Herbolea Biotech S.r.l.

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Avi Drori
Chairman & CEO

Guy Drori.jpg

Guy Drori
Executive Director 

. Owen Van Cauwenberghe.jpg

Dr. Owen Van Cauwenberghe
 Director & Head of Advisory 

Founder of MedC, serial entrepreneur.  Former General Manager at Euro Pacific Developers Ltd, Singapore and Papua New Guinea, and VP at Ecotech Recycling Ltd (Israel).

Founder of MedC, serial entrepreneur.  Graduate of Boston University School of Management and LLB from COMAS, Israel. Former US Olympian.

Founding partner, President and COO of Bio Therapeutic Molecules Inc., Adjunct Associate Professor in the Waterloo School of Pharmacy, former Director at Accucaps Industries Ltd. and former Principal Research Scientist and Director at Eli Lilly Canada.

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Dr. Emmanuel Loeb

Veterinary Pathologist

EVP, University of Utrech. Veterinary Pathologist, pre-clinical and clinical studies for the development of treatments for pets and animals. CEO of Patho-Logica, a pre-clinical trials company based in Israel. 

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