Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
1 million new cases globally, annually.

The leishmaniases are a group of diseases caused by the parasite Leishmania


An Orphan condition with unmet needs

$3000,000,000 annual market by 2027 (Fior Market Research 2020)


WHO rare disease division coordinating global effort to treat and eradicate.

FDA – Orphan Drug designated.

Immigration has

migrated the parasite into

North America and Europe.

The 10 countries with the highest cases reported in 2015 are: Afghanistan, Algeria, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Peru, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia and Yemen.

Formulation by Nextar Chemipharma, Israel


Excellent medical research team headed by Dr. Daniela Kamir, Phd microbiology, Yale University.


Successful Bio-essay’s on human macrophages, 100% success, conducted by Professor Charles Jaffe, Hebrew University at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem.


C. Leishmaniasis has no known cure, it afflicts nearly 1 million new patients every year, mostly in the Levant and North Africa. Over 10 million persons afflicted world-wide.


Market Potential approximately $300,000,000 annually for new patients,  An Orphan Condition with highly unmet needs..


Further development includes: V. Leishmaniasis, M. Leishmaniasis, Canine Leishmaniasis and Chronic Wounds.Breakthrough Therapies​

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