Developing Therapies in Oncology & Skin Health

MedC Biopharma Corporation is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing a novel class of formulated phyto-cannabinoid and natural compounds therapeutics.


Three (3) years of developing skin health treatments in high value market products. Currently, two drugs developed towards clinical trials including CTCL – Skin T-cell Lymphoma, an orphan condition with unmet needs, and estimated to represent a $2 Billion market by 2025 (Diligent MR, 2017) and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, an orphan condition with unmet needs. Leishmaniasis will have $300 Million annual market by 2027 (Fior Markets, 2020).

Skin Health & Wellness

Developing science-based natural therapeutics for the treatment of skin health and wellness conditions. Our proprietary "ALGEL" red sea-algae gel and Cannabis Root Extract combined with cannabinoids and other botanical extracts enable us to offer evidence based, safe to use, consumer products with substantiated claims. 

Covid-19 has become a priority with our ground breaking safe anti-viral antiseptic which can be sprayed directly onto masks to increase their efficiency. Our antiseptic can is friendly to children an pets as well and contains no alcohol. 

Veterinary Medication

Veterinary Pipeline Opportunity in pet health including Leishmaniasis , Oncology and inflammation related indications with lifesaving  unmet needs